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Coeur D’Alene Trainin’

Just look at that focus!Ryan and I burnin\' up

Ryan is in his final preps for his IM at the end of June. This gets to be crunch time and being so close to finally being able to back off and taper makes it hard to get out sometimes for those last workouts. I offer to do a trainer ride to cut down on the time it takes to do a LONG ride outside. Doing a ride like this by yourself can be mentally challenging so it gets me out and helps us both riding it together.

Ryan gets in about 30′-45′ of time before I even get on the bike as I try to get my computer to play dvd’s and the sound to come out the stereo. It’s good though because I have him on the Computrainer checking out a poor ( sorry, inefficient) pedal stroke. Don’t worry, don’t be trying to fix it all now πŸ™‚

I pop in ‘Running on the Sun’ DVD which is about the Badwater 135 http://www.badwater.com/ , an UltraMarathon that begins in Death Valley going 135 miles to Mt Whitney, Ca. Ugh!! Hmmm…maybe?? Anyway, I finally get going and after some spin ups for warm up we start the workout while watching guys n gals puke and shuffle in 130 degree heat chasing a lead runner cracking 7 min miles for the first 10+ miles. We go through 2 sets of 5on/ 5offs at around 220 watts on /120w off, watch some blister popping, then 65′ straight as 20′ @ x watts, 10′ @ +10w, 5′ @ +10 w, 10 @ -20w, 20 @ +10w ( I didnt write the watts because we were about 10-20w apart) . But it was a tuffy and bit harder than a straight endurance ride but dang it felt good to get through the whole thing. Ryan did great with the mental push on that last 20′ effort. Showed him, and reminded me, why the trainer workouts are so much more effective. At least I have to keep telling myself that as we sit in a garage for 3-4hrs when it is nice and sunny outside.

Good prep for the next day’s ‘First Annual Free Memorial Day Marathon’ I was doing pre-running the San Antonio Rock n Roll marathon course helping Edward get Garmin info. I’ll post on how that went later.

What’s that Ryan?? Yep, like I’ve said, crying in training so you can laugh on race day!


One Response to “Coeur D’Alene Trainin’”

  1. Better you than me. πŸ™‚ I hope it plays a part in Ryan’s overall awesome preformace in ID.

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