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Austin Criterium

June 23, 2008

Well another year at the downtown Austin bike race I like to go to every year. One of the most attended this close to home in both athletes and spectators. I have made it through the previous years unscathed though crashes abound, alas but this year. 2 crashes in fact, only one was all on […]

Hmmm, the shoes or the miles?

June 17, 2008

That is the question. For those that don’t know, I have had a bit of left leg issues this season starting sometime in Jan. I noticed first a little ‘catch’ in the knee one day while demonstrating a lunge at the club. Not from doing the lunge, but it sorta ‘shorted out’ while showing it.  […]

Spanish Pass

June 14, 2008

After a slow start to the a.m. missing a swim and subbing a spin class, I hook up with Corey and a soon to be new project, one Michael Hennessey, for a ride. If you havent heard of him yet, what started as 18 Ironmans in a year has now gone to 20 as some […]

Rain Rain Rain

June 12, 2008

Not down here though. So training the rest of the trip didn’t go as hoped. Two days off after my “long” day, then a nice 9 miler in 1:01 the Sat before leaving Omaha. I did get in an easy run with Justin over in Council Bluffs to look at the new suspension pedestrian bridge […]

Wax on Wax off

June 5, 2008

Training on , training off, ( al la Karate Kid movie for those not familiar) that seems to be the method I am following while up here. But it is working out anyways. Tues got up late ( said the blogging was gonna cost me) and it was time to visit my parents. In the […]

Omaha Training

June 2, 2008

Well, I’m up in Omaha for my son Justin’s graduation from High School. After spending the last few days visiting and resting from the 14 hour turned 20hr trip up we decided to do in one shot ( mistake) I finally got out yesterday and today for some training. Yesterday was a sluggish 8 mile […]