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Race Report- Buffman and Squeeky

May 18, 2009

Well, we ( generally a client or two and myself) ventured up for the annual visit to Lubbock, TX for some training on the Buffalo Springs 70.3 course that is held in June. We drive through a awesome storm about 30miles outside of town but it was fine once we got there. We generally get […]

Wednesday 5-6-09

May 6, 2009

Nothing new today. Falling asleep alot…gee, I wonder why? I could feel the bad recovery from the tues night race in my legs on the ride to work this morning. 3 days of bad sleep. Not because I can’t sleep, just got some things in the works right now and kinda excited and overwhelmed as […]

“The Variables of Weight Loss”

May 6, 2009

I think I have decided that I have found what it is I want to focus on in my quest in helping people figure out why they have such a difficult time in either losing weight or getting faster/stronger in their given sport/ endeavor and that is simply finding the variable  that is missing in […]

Racing Updates/ Empire State Building Run UP

May 5, 2009

DANG!! It’s been that long since I posted??? Time sure flies. Well, not a whole lot on this end. Got myself on twitter so I can tweet and twote about as much as I am in here! So a little update on whats been going on since that last post.  Did a locale crit at […]