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Redman Ironman ’09 Training Begins!

Well, training is usually happening in some capacity, but I realized earlier this week that it was 12 weeks ( now 11) out from me going back to defend my first Ironman distance win. Granted, it isnt at the biggest of venues, though a very good one.  The depth of field is not quite the same as the M dot qualifiers either, but as word spreads I am sure more and more upper level racers will show.

So it finally hits that I better crack down on training. Time to work out the little things that I let slide during the first part of the year. Clean the diet up a bit…well, the Coney Island might be around a few more weeks 🙂 . I am on 3 days now of getting more than my usual 4 hours of sleep, and it shows in my morning resting HR’s. In fact, standing today at the Vo2 machine at work to do a test I was at 42 and a few times it dropped to 39bpm! I havent seen that on the morning numbers.  Those few long runs I got plus the not hammering myself everyday has brought it down. So over the next few weeks I will start to get a little more focused on what it is I am doing. I finally logged what I did last year out of my phone and into some spread sheets to see what I did leading into last year. I am not a big fan personally of the logs. Though they say they are very important, there are too many variables in  life that I couldnt repeat what I did anyway.  When I didn’t have as many distractions in the household of kids and pets and work and business ventures, then I could follow something fairly steady.  NOw it is 70% get in what I can when I can.

I will map out of course all my LL days of Day, Run,Bike, and Swim. Also will be slowly fading out all the little things that place stress upon the body. Little things like getting better at using chemical free products for showering/hair, little more organic foods if I can, even less processed foods since I am not super strict on those all year, milk products will be phased out by 8 weeks out, really try for the more sleep and a few naps when time allows.  Since I can’t really train as much as I would like to, I try to get every little bit out of my body and having these things ‘pollute’ it , is just one more thing for it to process and filter.

I am happy that this year I will get to be using some product I used for my first couple years going to IM distance and that is my Optygen ( now in it’s 3rd and more potent generation! Yee Haw!) from  1st Endurance.  I had actually phased out using much sports products and been trying to use more real food, but this is something I can’t ‘eat’.  I didnt get to use it last year for Redman so it will be nice to compare. I know nothing out there is the magic bullet, I have tried many supplements, but this one each time drops my morning HR’s ( which already starting low this time and with a stronger formula, will be interesting), and seems to improve more fitness.

So I timed a 1000m swim since that is what I have logged from last year around this time and it is about what it was then , 19:12. I definitely STILL dont work enough on the swim. Been out since swimming an hour in the lake with a client week or so before Coeur D Alene, weeks ago and that was with another few weeks completley out of the water.  I generally then ramp up my swimming with the most being in the final 5 weeks. Last year it seemed to work out and got in the top 10 for the swim, an absolute rarity for me. ( most 2000+ participant IM’s I am in the 600’s and then move into top 50 after the bike..yes, I am a poor swimmer!) This race doesn’t have as many participants..but still, plus the course seems a bit long by looking at all the times.

Anyway, so I am not too far off in what I was doing last year around this time. I might be short on the 80+ mile rides a bit. But I have done a bit more strength training and a few bouts of CrossFit. The running was off to a slow start this year with missing some of the long stuff I did last year in May and June. But have had a small recurring heel discomfort that I was told wasn’t plantar faciatis, just a tight achilles…ok.  But I guess I made up for the missed mileage with a 50 mile Ultrarun at Hell’s Hills in Smithville. Other than cracking at about the 35mi mark do to some over zealous pacing on the 2nd of 3 loups, I think I did alright for having maybe 2-3 15 mile runs in since last November’s Rock N Roll half.  Two weeks later a paced slowly through a Father’s Day 24 mile run using a run 8′ walk 1′ routine.  The road run wrecked my heel way more than the 50 miler..humph.

So the running now has been a  couple 6-9 milers in the week and a ride/run thing on rollers/treadmill. Sort of splitting up my usual 5on 5off’s or 5′ on 3′ off’s with doing 5′ on the rollers/ 800m run at 9mph on tread, for about an hour.  This has brought my run speed up a bit. I am also getting back into running with my Brooks racing flats and feeling the road a bit more. Something has changed in my landing and my left side/ hip rotation has something to do with it I’m sure. I still have yet to get to a chiropractor or something. I keep saying if I would just stretch more or do some yoga I will line myself back up.

Well, this was to be a short update on the training but since it is the first , it had to be a bit longer. tomorrow (4th) I head to do a crit. Since last year the race was a RR and about 20 miles form here I had ridden there, raced and rode home for a nice 80 mile day. So tomorrow I decided to race the Master’s division in the a.m. , then have an hour break then race the Open 1’s, 2’s, 3’s. We’ll see how that goes. I have to still get my Hell’s Hills race repor t,and last week’s Fredericksburg Road Race report up. But it is late and gotta try n stick to that sleep schedule!


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