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Maybe ’09 I will get One

Well, 2008 was a bust on the year end challenges. By that I mean nothing real far out was done. After doing the half Marathon at our inaugural Rock n Roll in my fastest 1:21, I was wrecked. My calves were sore for over a week and the heel issue was back. Nothing epic was to happen at the end of ’08. But I figured that the half will have to do. This year ( 09) I did get in my first 50 miler trail run at Hell’s Hills in Smithville. Great experience. Well I say that now, during was another story.
It is only July, so still time to come up with something for the fall. Heel has actually been feeling better now that I have been back to using racing flats to run in and the muscles in my feet have strengthened back up. I think there is something to what some say as technology in shoes is making our feet dumb. I cant feel the ground the same in my ‘distance shoes’. So don’t expect an update on this one till later in the year.


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