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Is Your Ironman making you Fat?

As many of my personal training clients know, I am really into a lot of the ‘other’ things that go into optimizing health and physical ability. Being that I get by being somewhat competitive at 41 years old on what I would call pretty half ass training, I have to try to get help in all the little things outside of the actual riding, swimming and running.

Without going too much into it here and I don’t use much of it with all my clients, the one thing I will say, there seems to be way more out there in the world of health and performance than what is fed to us through the marketing giants.  Yes, a lot you hear from what’s out there makes you think ‘conspiracy theory’ .  The thing is, over the years, from personal training, my own training, Bikram yoga, massage therapy, Rolfing,  chiropractics, and holistic information, they all seem to have common links about body alignment, glandular and hormonal balance,  though approached in different ways.

Some really interesting info about metabolic typing and cell/ energy production, cancer, etc.  Recently I have gotten into a guy named Sean Croxton from www.undergroundwellness.com . One of my fellow trainers who also believes there is more to weight management than calories in/ out led me to one of his videos on cortisol.  I then went into his blog talk radio show and downloaded his 1+hr long interviews with leading researchers in the ‘alternative’ world of health. This one blew me away ” Am I dead? ” by Fred Hughes  as well as the Paul CHEK interview ( that’s a long one).

From the benefits of Raw Milk to the dangers of Soy products..some very interesting stuff.  But mostly, what I run into with athletes as they start trying to take upon the 70.3 to full IM distances, or a marathon without the proper build up beyond 18 weeks if they are off the couch, is a loss of good body composition and in ability to get any faster.  Anyway, if you can get past Sean’s ” yo yo wass up”  he hits upon all the stuff I have been learning in the last few years.  Check out one of his videos here that is exactly what I am talking about.

So, like I said before. Since I haven’t been getting the sleep and training I should be, I try to at least eat as clean as I can ( well, except the ice cream…still gotta finish that Coney Island entry!)  80/20, and minimize the outside toxins that the cells in my body and liver have to deal with.  The less they are working on detoxing my body, the more they can work on repairing it from the workouts I do get in. This includes cleaner, more chemical free body products ( shampoo, soaps etc) and fluoride-less toothpaste ( good interview on that one) and just cleaner, less packaged, processed foods.  Yes, I got away with some pretty crummy foods in my early racing years and downed my share of Gatorade, but that stuff all catches up as it deteriorates the inside slowly.   But I feel if I am to continue to be competitive, then the little things matter even more now. The fact that there are faster people in my age group and above that could possibly just be fast because they have the time to train more ( or they plain sleep more than me :), but most I’m sure don’t know or apply half this stuff  dealing with the  total package of athleticism and body efficiency.  As I continue to learn and apply….and one day sleep more regularly, I will continue to try to exceed my current abilities and pass on what I learn to help others exceed theirs. My fastest IM came 4 years after my first…and I know it can get faster!


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