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2009 year end challenge

Well, 2008 saw a ‘pass’ on the year end challenge. Since they seem to be ‘running’ challenges instead of just anything, I had to bail because my heel was still bugging me most of the year. Made it through Redman IM and the San Antonio half, but it just wasn’t ready for the task I still have at hand.
So we’ll see. The last few weeks have been positive for the heel now that I have been running in my racing flats exclusively. This past Sat did a 26 mi run with minimal repercussions and followed it with a sprint tri the next day ( not a normal thing to do) and won the overall and had the fastest run split ( 19:11 5k..so the competition wasn’t too stiff 🙂 ) But heel still feels 98% after all that and pretty confidant it will hold up now through Redman in Sept.
I am contemplating San Antonio’s Rock n Roll, but as usual $$ fee is getting in the way. Either way, still thinking on doing the year end challenge and have already put the bug back in Corey’s ear. We’ll see…


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