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Darndest Du State Champ!! *

So I headed back up to the San Marcos Outlet Malls for this years Darndest Duathlon. A 5k run 30k bike 5k run. Since it falls during Ironman prep, I repeated what we did last year and that was to ride up to packet pickup the day before. Last year it was close to 100 miles I believe. This year we started @ a different place so closer to 85 I guess. However, this year I went down early and ran with the Team Trisomy Marathon group and did 8 mi with the kiddos in the double.
So I got plenty in Saturday. I know people always say there is now way they would put that much in the day before a race..but I wasnt really keying on it,  two, didn’t go hard at all and come race day, you just push a little harder. Coming from a bike racing background, if we can do a 80-100 road race hard then turn around the next day and race a 1-1.5hr Crit..why then can’t I do a much easier, controlled ride and still not be able to race well.
The winner from last year was returning and he is a low 5′ mi runner, so I knew overall was outta the question. I was keying in on the Master’s title though. And since I won last year after 6 weeks off running due to a crash at the Austin Crit, figured I could have a chance this year.
Stats in the end: almost identical run splits as last year and a faster bike split, I go about 2 minutes faster than ’08. Yorek goes 5:10’s or something and is 4minutes faster than HIS time last year! It was close in the masters as I was 8th after the first run with some 50+yr old guys running sub 6’s! But in the end, I get em on the bike and hold em off on the run.  Goal was to get the State Duathlon Master’s title..check. Got some cash too and a pair of Etonic shoes. Haven’t worn that brand yet.  Hopefully they will work out as I need a pair before Redman! My racing flats are beyond their miles by far.

* oh and the “*” once again ( like the Windcrest Tri) is for the fact that some guys in the first group missed a crucial turn. I suspect Yorek was too far ahead, and 2nd place took 3-5 guys straight. NOt sure how the overall would have faired for me, but Masters was not affected that I could tell.  I feel for them..but like they always say..gotta know the course.

So I have been doing mostly endurance work during the week. Some threshold stuff,  and the really maxed efforts/speed work,  at the races.  Up next is/was( since I am doing these all in a row!) the Wurst Tri in New Braunfels.


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