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Not quite there yet Redman training update

Actually, things are coming along pretty good I think.  Each time I doubt it, I pull off a good workout.  It seems to generally fall into place these last 4-5 weeks.  The weekend after winning Masters at the Darndst Du State Championship,  I did the Tues night ride with some hard sustained efforts. It is still tough to judge everything because we have had 100+ degree weather for months now and these rides are just hot! If anything, I should be acclimated for anything come race day.

Well, I had a bit of scheduling messed up that a.m. and then into the afternoon, and I couldn’t put off some of these key days anymore so, downed an EFS Gel flask on the way back to the car after the 50 mi group ride and did a 10 mile run . I really didn’t want to keep staying up late, but figured I would be anyway so might as well do the run as planned. Ran down the River Walk from Bluestar Brewery. Very nice.  I hadn’t been on that section before.  Came top side for a bit through downtown then back down on the river and ran the new river extension we ran for the Moon Run recently.  It is really nice.  Took that to the Pearl Brewery and back. My Garmin didn’t seem to be reading accurately being sub street level.  I was wondering because I kept upping the pace a bit to neg split and it just didn’t seem to be doing it until the last 2mi I ran topside and then I saw some low 7’s instead of 10′ miles..so in the end it was going fine. Recover again with a serving of Ultragen…mmm orange creamcicle.

Thurs I attempted my Ride/Run modification of a workout someone sent me from one of the women pro’s.  It was a riding workout…I added the running. I thought I was going to do ok with it all until the final 30 minute ride and I could tell I was just cooked.  Really, this is fine though, as it now gives me something to try to complete.  Two, I got to test out the 1st Endurance EFS prototype electrolyte drink, no problems there.  It still has  a subtle taste and now without the sucralose ( yeah!). No stomach upset from the amino acid brand change or increases in sodium and quality of cal/mag.  I went through about 5 servings during this workout as I was inside on a trainer with no fan and running outside in 100+ degrees. I decided not to use pre-race for this workout as I had used it for the Du and the Tues nighter and some of the local crits and would be using it for the upcoming tri as well.  So sometimes I want to give the body a little break since I seem to be able to take more and it gets easier to over train if not careful I think.

I will try again with the same wattage, but if I can’t get through it again..I prob will have to bring those down a bit and work towards it over the winter for next year.

So the workout was:

30′ at 200 watts 90 rpms / 4 mi run

20′ @ 210 w    / 3mi run

10′ @ 220 w / 2mi run

20′ @ 200w/ 3mi run

30′ @ 210 w/ 4mi run ( so this was the part I didnt get through)

Idea as well is for each of the runs to get slightly faster. It is a big day and I was already at 3.5+ hours w/ transitions and messing with the Vo2 machine and all ( was trying to get some caloric burn rates data…which proved to be interesting) .  Prob would have been better to put this on a weekend day as it is 16mi of running.

Anyway, not sure if I will have time to fit in another attempt before the race, but it gives me a little benchmark.

Saturday saw my LLR ( Last Long Run) – Decided to follow through with it even though I was racing a sprint Tri the next day. After all, RedMan is the goal.  I had figured on 20-22 mi or so and for once, didn’t really map it out and headed out the door.  This was also being done as a no breakfast, water only run until needed.

I headed out Babcock rd. towards scenic loop and that was basically 7 miles of a gradual uphill..so there goes the average. A lot of 10-13′ mi in there to keep HR low.  After that it was good.  About mile 14 I decided to start playing with the walk /run stuff again…musta been because I was finally catching up on my IMTalk podcasts and that was the subject of the day.  It has worked in the past and I am really tossing the idea of using it for Redman.  So I was just doing 30-40″ walks at the beginning of each mile, then running 7:25-7:35 pace and ending up gradually clicking off 7:54 per mile range including the walks.  Problem was I had overshot where I ran to and ended up with 26mi on the dot.  Some would have just continued around the block to get that .2 to make the marathon..but I didn’t.  It was hot and I was done.

I had made it to about 3hrs 20 min before I hit my markers for the calories. I had a little flask of home mix of water, agave, 2 scoops Chia seeds and a serving of EFS prototype.  Drank about 3/4 that and it was enough to get me home over the next 30′ no prob.  Since I raced the next morning I wanted to have a good recovery so as not to dig too deep.  Time for more testing, took my serving of Ultragen recovery drink when I got home,  hit the ice bath, then a PB/Honey on Ezekiel bread sandwich and a big fruit smoothy and a couple more pieces of fruit. Took a nap and then another serving of Ultragen when I got up.   My heel was feeling it a bit and I could tell during the walk breaks it was hurting.  I thought it was really going to be wrecked. Since I am posting this after the race weekend,  It actually held up good and is feeling the best it has in months.  A good dinner and Sun raced the sprint tri…race report in the next post!


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