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Wurst Tri Ever Sprint Triathlon Race Report

As I am doing a mass update on the blog..I will attempt to keep this one short…yeah right!  Sun Aug 23rd was the first Wurst Tri Ever put on by Redemption Race productions. Their attempt at putting one on at Landa Park in New Braunfels, home of Wurst Fest,  I think went well.  A lot of traffic to control getting us out on the bikes I heard.  Swimming in a spring fed pool was neat too.  A staggered start isn’t my favorite as I like to know where everyone is at.  I still go ahead and seed myself towards the front to minimize the congestion I have to get through everyone on the bike, and I am not too far back from the faster swimmers.  Maybe next year they will use this huge slide they have and have us slide down into the start.. I like different stuff like that, others it freeks them out. But Redemption  likes doing stuff a little different.

I am about 15th getting in and promptly get passed by 3-4 people in the just under 400m swim..dang I just suck in the water!  They have a prime( pronounced ‘preem’) for the fastest time up the first big hill out of town, and though it prob isnt the best thing to jack the HR to max right at the start of your  TT , I figure what the heck..you put it out there, I’ll bite.  I don’t quite 100% it and hope that is good.  Legs definitely feeling yesterday’s run ( see previous post).

I reel in everyone by the turnaround 7 mi out except for the 2 I didn’t think I would. Jack Alexander and young Jake Broyles.  This leads into a chase on the run and even though I figure since they started ahead of me I think I have it now within 30″..I still feel compelled to catch them anyway.  If I am going to win , I don’t want to cross the line in 3rd..then they say you won because of the staggered start.  I am surprised I can still run this hard after yesterday.  I go hard the first mile, ease up the second, then hammer the third and catch em both.  Put myself completely anaerobic and blow up about the last 1/4 mile.  Feels awesome to pull it off!

So I end up with the overall, but a fellow bike racer Allan Abel,  out for his first tri,  gets the hill prime and the fastest bike split by  a mere 20 something seconds..bummed, but like I said, the legs were pretty shot from the run so not too bummed 🙂  Plus, had the fastest run split…the day after a 26 mile run! Now it was a 19:11,  which by usual competition wouldn’t pull that off..but it did for today.

Hats off to the race promoters, volunteers and the park police for a great race. The rest of the competitors for getting through a hot and hilly race, many it was their first one.  Great location I think..I missed the Church traffic though so there might have been some glitches there I didn’t experience.  And congrats to Jake Broyles, the 15 year old that got 2nd place..he’s gonna be a tough one in this sport!  Only got him by 1:26 on the bike!  Jack, at 55 still killin it.

I think that is it for the racing before RM…there might be one more in Boerne..but I  might just pass this time.

So, again, happy that the heel held up because the speed usually gets it too,  and here it is 2 days later and it is fine. I think I will be able to go into the Redman with it in much better shape than last year.  I have been dilligent in getting that post race Ultragen serving in after each workout and each race and it seems to really be helping.  The Optygen HP of course seems to really be keeping me handling the training work loads and still being able to race well.  I mean, I felt pretty dang good racing after running 26 mi the day before!!


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