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Happy New Year 2010!!

I am sure there are many blog posts with that title, how original 😦 Well, I quick update about all that. Eydie’s parents were in town so we got to go out for once in a long time without a time frame to be home.
The night started late, met up with some of her friends and had a late night downtown. Eydie had fun which is what’s important. I am so out of ‘that scene’ I could go either way.
I was really looking forward to doing the NEw Years Day 100mil bike ride that I have skipped the last few years. I hadnt ridden that long in months , but I like to just start the year off with it for some reason. Eydie did not like the getting up at 8 and I felt bad for ruining the sleep in. I was surprised how well I could function ( I did have a few and then some, and it has been awhile) The ride was super cold.
I did alright, but definitely not at the pace my soon to be competitors are at and where I should be. I fell off the pace not long after they decided to split the last few slower people off about mile 70. I chose a different route home so I could just crawl in at my own pace. I still ended up with the 100, but bummed I couldn’t hang. Well, that is what it is for though. A little gage. Then hopefully I can just do the disappear thing, train a bit on my own, then BURST back into action at the first race of the season Jan 30th πŸ™‚ Yeah, well, I am going to do the masters 40+ because I still can’t hang in my 1,2’s division. Knowing how I post…that might be the next post.
As part of the new year, though I never have set resolutions, it is going to be the year I get some of my long put off projects done. I finally started my Winter Gains indoor cycle program out of the local Trisitions Triathlon Store. A slow beginning but I think after those coming feel the difference in the spring ( as some already say they are) , then hopefully next winter it will grow. Praying hard for some help from above for direction, motivation, and strength to just quit worrying about how far behind I am in all my zillion ideas, and just start somewhere.
so I should be updating the blog more often ( instead of having to do 3-4 posts and updates in a day) and will be changing the format real soon. Some BIG things to come, if I can just quit procrastinating by filling my time with little house projects that give the sense of accomplishing something for the day, rather than working on the stuff that will accomplish more in the long run.
Endurathon 25k report due out next!


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