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Rock n Roll Marathon San Antonio 2009

All right, now that it has been 2 months since doing this race, this should help weed out the extra details I could put in here. Last year I did the half marathon while my lovely wife accomplished her first full marathon ( ) So this year, the 2nd since it became a ” Rock and Roll ” designated marathon, I received by drawing, a race entry 2 weeks out from the event. Yee haw! better start training!
I had been doing some 10-12 milers and a 15 helping another runner prep. But nothing in the realms I should have been in terms of training. Now I had done Redman late Sept, so I had a marathon distance under my belt.
So the day I find out I get to go I run 19…can’t waste any time getting that last long run in! I could then tell over the next 2 weeks I wasnt going to be turning in any stellar times, but the thought of qualifying for Boston is always presented to me by others and I thought it would be pretty tight to do that.
I ride my bike the 12mi down to the start NICE and EASY! It is early morning and already a bit too warm I notice ( but forget about later).
I don’t have to worry about all the parking and shuttle hassles I hear so much about and the ride has loosened me up so not much need to “warm up” . I find Michael and the TeamTriSomy Life Group and dump my bag of clothes and go find somewhere to lock up the bike.
I find Chad and we head to corral 2. As I am standing there tuning out the announcer hyping everyone up, I hear one part that catches my attention ” …we have our numbers on…we have our timing chips on…” I look down at my shoe…uh, no I don’t. Crap, slight panic sets in then I think, well, it is chip timed so I might as well go get it. I had left it in my bag, not putting it on the night before because I was STILL contemplating which shoes I was going to run in. I go back thinking how hard could it be to find a guy with a triple stroller and 3 other kids hanging on him and get my bag. Nope. So I try to find what I hadn’t seen the first time and that is the UPS trucks that our gear is in to take back to the finish.
I am 1)hoping it has already been brought there y Michael and 2) they had some way of organizing it all. Yep to both! Hey, it’s UPS. I walk up to the last truck in line and she gets my number and finds it right away. ” Forgot your chip?” she says. Guess I’m not the only one.
So I head back to the start and see that the lines to the port-a-potties is much smaller and figure, why not one last go so it isnt included in my time. By now they were at corral 12 I guess. I hop on in and proceed to shuffle on out. This made it a bit tough the first 6-7 miles as I was now in the middle of the 30,000 starters.
I was keeping a much better check on my HR this year ( as opposed to the crash n burn of the last time I was here) and 135 HR was getting me a 7:45 pace. Not quite qualifying time, ut that wasnt the full objective…pacing properly was.
I ran the first half in 1:40 so I was on track for a 3:20 spot on qualifying. Though I felt I had room to go faster, there was still a ways to go, the temperature was rising and I had seen the profile the night before…gradual climb the last 6-7 miles.
My HR was slowly creeping up to maintain the same pace and by 18 I was in the 160’s. By my VO2 tests I knew I was now entering the place where I was going to really start depleting. As for how long I could sustain, I did not know.
I started my push and from 20 on I ran those last 6 like it was a 10k. It was going to be real close…within minutes. I had come to the point where the half and full meet again. I saw some friends I knew. He later tells me I looked like I was hauling butt, but I explained I was maxed out when he saw me pushing a 175 HR by then and barely maintaining the 7:45’s. I cracked in the final 3/4 mi as we get near the Alamo dome and creeped up the steep incline they put in the last 200 yards. I probably lost a whole minute in the last mile.
I knew I had pushed a hard race because I didn’t really feel like eating anything and was looking for somewhere to just sit down and hide like a dying animal.
I called Eydie to tell her I probably wasnt going to ride home and come pick me up. Although I missed the Boston time by 5′ I was real happy with the way I paced. I havent ever ran that hard for the last 1 hr of a marathon. Looking at the splits they post online, I was spot on even paced until those last 2 miles, yet with a HR increase from 135-175+ throughout so I know I wasnt holding back.
The even bigger plus is I have finally rid myself of the plantar fasciitis I believe as I thought for sure it would be wrecked and it wasn’t.
I know with a little more ‘marathon specific’ training, I should be able to qualify for Boston, something I hadn’t really placed as a goal before.


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