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Endurathon 25k- Race Report

This was the 31st annual running of this race and my 3rd time, ( 07,08, skipped 09) held in Bulvurde, TX. A small but well put on race by San Antonio Road Runners ( S.A.R.R.) and Run Gear Run running store. As you can see from the profile it is a hilly course with prob the worst hill coming at mile13.5.

Endurathon 25k profile

I had gotten 3rd the previous 2 times here with some better training leading up to it so I wasnt expecting a whole lot. I had been training pretty good since the Nov marathon though so who knows. Although I do run with a Garmin and HR monitor, I still combine this feedback with ‘feel’. On race day things always seem a bit different than in training.
So we start off and HR gets up to about 150-155 for the first mile. I am fine figuring that is still aerobic for me and it gets me a 6:35. Good. I hadnt looked up my past times so I didnt really know what I needed to avg to get the same time. Sometimes I figure it doesnt matter because I can only do what I can on the day.
I stayed right around there for the first five miles, little higher HR on the uphills and downhills keeping the turnover high, pace a little slower on the up, faster on the down, but only varied by about 20sec.
At the first turn around I guess 4-5 I was 2 minutes back from the leader and prob 1:30 from the 2nd place guy and then 4 in between. Hmmph, little further back than the last time. So 6-10 I get a few low 6’s on the downhills and under 6:30 on the uphills and make ground and pass the 4 leaving 2 ahead as we come to the half way point. I am at about 160-165HR now and about 30 sec back from 2nd and notice at the halfway that the leader was standing there, he was a relay. Oh, well, now the game has changed a bit as I see the possibility of winning has come into play. I seemed to only be gaining on 2nd on the inclines, so I just inched my way up to him over the next 2 mi.

Passing 4th uphill. Sporting my winter coat (beard)

Then I thought maybe he didnt like me sucking his energy hovering just behind him because he let up. I didn’t want this as I could control my pacing off him leaving me the choice when to push. Now he could do so off me. HR 170’s now. From the spikes on the hills, I knew this was pressing it, but doable. As we head through miles 12-13 there is a gradual hill in which I maintained a little push to distance myself a bit. But it seemed for the effort, I didn’t get much. Hr went to 175 and I wasnt a whole lot faster for it.Then we hit a little down then the long final steep climb at 13.5-14mi. I back off a bit heading into it and then hard tempo up the hill. Telling myself this just feels like the hill intervals on the treadmill I had been doing. Keep the turnover going, fast feet, deep breaths, relax.
I see the relay guy as he makes the turn around and within the minute I am passing him too as we head down the long slope. I fall forward to just let gravity take me down the hill and HR creeps to 175 trying to keep up with my feet.
I see 2nd place and another that was closing in on him. My fear ( because it has happened) is that miss timing and getting caught in the final mile so I just give it all I have figuring there is only 5-6 minutes left. Hr now 180, posting a 6:13 for the last mile and by the final turn and 200m I think I’m safe. My speed was slowing down anyway so I was done.
Finally, I have been wanting this one! 1:39:07 on my watch, winning barely by 34 seconds over Mike Lilly who was top military runner.

Yeah, got one with my arms up...which feels so awkward really...

A good effort considering I hadnt been doing any training in those zones during this base time except for some short intervals. Goes to show, you dont have to train hard all the time! My legs we pretty wiped the rest of the week though. So structurally they werent ready to go that pace for that long.
Now I am pretty sure I could qualify for Boston now…just gotta decide where…


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