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Tri Soler Racing Mountain Madness #1

So finally made it out to the Vanderpool, TX area for some ‘climbing’ It is the best we have this close to San Antonio and my legs quickly remembered it. Joshua Charles organized it snagging Amanda MacIntosh and Brandi to ‘perk’ for us ( they don’t like to be called sagging).
It was a good sized group of 15? with diverse abilities. I like when people challenge themselves on terrain like this and some it was their first time out here having no idea what to expect.
We rolled out of Utopia and already 3 of us were separated off the front..no it wasnt me pushing it either. But not even 4 miles in I flat. Havent flatted for months. Oh well, everyone rolls by with the ‘show off’ comments for us taking off while I change it. We roll off to catch up and the new tube wasnt holding air. Stop again and change it out sending the other 2 on. So this is not how I want to start the ride, chasing. Of course it is just a training ride not a race, so I keep it below threshold, not here to beat anyone.
We get to the first climb and ugh! there is that familiar pressure in the legs. I catch a few people, crest and bomb the other side which catches me quickly up to a few more at the base of the next climb.
Now I am feeling better. HR climbing at the 150’s and legs feeling a little too loaded for that HR. I am actually not fully recovered form last weekends 15 mi run/race and didnt back off much the whole week. Still hit my two Winter Gains cycle classes I teach ( though tues I couldnt do what was prescribed) and lifted weights on Thurs.
I did finally manage a 171 HR on the climb and legs started to feel better. I caught up with the front group of guys and rolled it on in to Leaky from there.
We regrouped and headed back. Since I was getting up the climbs faster I decided to head back up the descent until I saw the last rider then turn around. Caught up to everyone again and did this again on the final climb. I figured why sit and wait at the intersections. It is how you get a little stronger, utilize your time best even when riding with slower riders.
We had a great tailwind coming back and was cruising steady 30-33mph and it felt great. This was a much needed ride for me with the race coming up on the 30th. Hopefully I can hang now a bit.
My pupils Dennis, and Jim and another from the Winter Gains class, Carlos, think those are really helping. I am glad because maybe some others will realize the benefit of structured indoor training! . Time to work on some programs.


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