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Tour of New Braunfels- Race Recap ’10

Not a whole lot to report on this one. I showed up, it was freezing, I struggled, I finished.  ( side note- here it is a month later and I am finally getting around to posting it. Didnt know it was sitting in the draft file!)

Ok, well, so it wasn’t quite that simple but for the most part it was. Over the years this early season race is generally my first race of the bike racing year ( since I seem to keep sticking with doing multiple sports, they all have their ” 1st’s”
I wasn’t expecting a whole lot since I had been having problems on the group rides and hoped to just hang in there. Over the years I either get dropped in the first 10 mi, barely finish with the main pack, struggling the whole time, or, as in last year,get 3rd helping a teammate win.

This year after about 7 mi in we take a turn into a tailwind and all of a sudden I am chasing at my max! Nothing had happened in the crosswind just before the turn,  so I was thinking I was good when making the turn.  Luckily I tagged on just in time to turn into a crosswind and then get guttered off again.  Once again, this course had many turns and so it wasnt long and we turned again and I got back on. This went on  off and on most of the race.

Finally on the last lap I have to do a hellacious pull after another team mate’s pull to bring back a slowly forming 12 man group because once again, we had no one in it. That about did me in, got dropped in the crosswind then crawled my way back in. The rest of that 10-12mi was just hanging on. Each time I thought I could surge on a climb, it would last 10-20 seconds and people would then just surge by like I was standing still.

Came down to the final mi and an uphill finish of which I had nothing for. Placement in the mid 20″s I guess. Definitly not ready to get back to the 1,2’s field as this was only 40miles and I wasnt even competitive with the Masters div.


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