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UGH, Not These Legs/ Nuences 50 Trail Run race report

You can’t just talk about training, teach about training, and wish you were training…and expect to perform as if you were training….that’s about all I can say about  that. 

So I have been wanting to get out to a place called Camp Eagle,TX ever since seeing a cool video of an Xterra race held out there a few years back.  So I see 1 of the many races this year Tejas Trails is putting on is out there. They have a 50mile and 26 mi. Figuring I for sure am not ready for the 50 mi, I opt for the 26 mi figuring that will be plenty. I have still yet to get good volume in this spring on either the bike or run. I was doing so good after the marathon last Nov into Dec but somehow, even with the family gone most of Jan, I didnt get any mega base miles in.  I figure this and then the Hell’s Hills50 miler will be revisited from last year coming up here in April.

I decide to just drive the 2 hours up in the morning rather than spend the night. I get there in plenty of time ( I seem to be getting a bit better with this as I am notorious for arriving in the nick of time…or less). I decide to go with the water bottle in hand over the camel/fanny pack. I didnt really need anything as they had very frequent stops.

This by far, in the few that I have done, was the rockiest race I have done.  I didnt even start out that hard 135-140 Hr and still tanked by mile ten.  Granted, not getting in many running miles period doesnt help, but still. So the plan to start moderate, go easy 10, then hard the last 6 backfired. My legs were shot from the stabilization they didnt have from not spending anytime on trails, and the slower I got. I dropped from I think 7th to 13th over the last 6 miles.

Other than that, great views, great support from the race director, good cool temperatures, and a good local if you want to come hang out for a day or two and just run the trails. I really can’t complain being that this isn’t my primary sport. I didnt get any blisters and got some film  footage with the new POV camera I am going to try to post in here later. We’ll see how the 50miler goes here in another month. Next up, Blue Norther’ Du in Seguin,TX. Another ‘first of the year’ pilgrimage.


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