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Dr. Oz had me until….

So I get a glimpse of Dr Oz occasionally to see what they are up to,  and they are getting quite a bit of useful information out there to the masses in a format where they can spend a bit more time than the 2’ snippet at the end of a news show or other daytime talk show.

What’s tough sometimes though is to hear some of the misinformation though that still gets touted, or at least not an alternative to the problem they are claiming. It reminds me of Orpah’s trainer still promoting the “don’t eat after 7” rule that she and her staff were following during a weight loss challenge. I mean, if you haven’t had anything but soup and a salad since lunch and your meeting ran late…yes you can eat after 7!

So Dr.Oz is going through a list they have on their website for a shopping list and when they talked about meats and the use of soy products. They followed the “red meats aren’t good” due to their inflammation properties and potential cancer causing effects. The solution I wished they had enlightened people to, since they are supposed to be bringing the ‘latest and greatest information’ to the public, is the fact that if they chose grass-fed beef they wouldn’t have to eliminate it.  Grass fed beef has a much higher ratio of Omega 3 fats( anti-inflammatory) and CLA compared to the corn/grain finished beef sold inmost stores. The process alone of finishing cattle the last 30+ days with corn to fatten them up for sale is enough to change the Omega 3 and 6 ratio and destroy the CLA( cancer fighting) components.

Now, granted, maybe it was talked about and the usual discussion came up that they were trying to be ‘realistic’ about the availability of such a product. Shouldn’t that be left up to the consumer?  If they at least knew about the need for it, there would be a better demand and thus increase it’s current availability.

As for soy as a replacement or health food, that is another story in itself that I won’t address here. But there is plenty of information out there about the dangers of soy, mostly because of how it has been genetically modified here in the states ( I am not talking about fermented soy).

I will say the Dr and his guest, , did a great job of partitioning a plate out with the ratios of foods to complete a great looking meal. Their focus was on all the cancer fighting components they were including, also a great message about prevention for great health!

Even if they aren’t spot on, if people followed 80% of what they discussed today they would be surprised at 1) how it really isn’t that hard to do 2) it really isn’t that much more ( if any) expensive 3) how much better they would feel in 2-4 weeks eating this way.


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