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The Tower Reign has been Broken_ Tower of The Americas Climb 2010

Another year has passed and another trek up the Tower of the Americas for Cystic Fibrosis. Although I wouldn’t say I was exactly prepared as best I could be, ( never have really trained specifically for it) I was attempting my 7th straight overall win for this event. I love the uniqueness of the event, the only time you get to run up the stairs of this San Antonio landmark. This year’s race happened to be the day after my wife and I’s10 year wedding anniversary and we were lucky enough to be able to spend an evening together, sans kiddos, downtown on the River Walk. I was going to be able to jog over to the start in the a.m. from the hotel which was nice. I prepped as usual with some light running, some jumps and hops, a few spikes of the heart rate to the point I would be competing at and stayed warm. Unlike past years, they finally had the organization of the event dialed in a bit better this year as I walked right up and got my timing chip with absolutely no waiting. There was plenty of food and drink, though I was surprised to see how many people felt the need to fuel up, not realizing the intensity of the event. It is a stair climbing event and I didn’t really want to see any of that breakfast coming back down the stairs if you know what I mean. I was a bit disappointed in the decision to break the run into waves based on age, as of course being 41 I was put in the last of 3 waves set 15 minutes apart.

Hand over hand weaving my way through the people..dang it was hot in there this year!

 That meant there would be people to climb through. Unlike the Empire State Building climb though, these stairs have a bit more room for passing. The second disappointment of course was seeing the one guy I knew for sure could probably get me if he ever showed and that was James Bales. This was a fellow triathlete that I have only beaten a few times, usually due to some mishap, there not being a swim, the distance being real long ( he is more a short distance guy) or the fact he had worked 120 hours or something that week. He was here, and he was in the first wave with the 39 and under. The simple synopsis of the event? I ran a descent mile for me, somewhere around 5:35 and came into the tower around 174hr and plenty of distance from anyone in my age bracket. I proceeded to immediately run into people who had started 15 minutes ahead of me and work it 2 steps at a time up the stairs. By 3 minutes in my hr was up to 182 and I started to shut down a bit. I back off a bit, do better this time keeping my 2 steps at a time rhythm and by then end hyperventilating the last-minute or so. I have no idea where I place, but my time is about the same as I won with in 2004 I believe 11:57 or so. Legs felt fine this time, just the cardio wasn’t there. Other years it is the legs feeling heavy. In any case, James gets me by about 40 seconds and another first wave guy by 8 seconds. Had I been in the first wave I might have gotten the 2nd place guy, but who knows, I couldn’t have gone much harder. Overall I was pleased. If I was to be beat by anyone it would be James, he is racing ITU pro triathlon this season. I did well too because I don’t think I let it hold me back mentally/negatively knowing he was in there while climbing. I did the most I possibly could. Next year he said he will be out-of-town. I will note that I was proud 2 of my clients Bonnie and Jim both won their respective age groups with Bonnie having the 3rd fastest time overall for women at 47 years old! She is an animal and now moving on to the triathlon world. Jim, a year older and posting a faster time than the previous year, way to go Jim!


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