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Chris Aarhus OLD blog

Hello and welcome!  Well, unfortunately you have stumbled upon  my old blog, which is ok, because I can still tell you where I have moved on to.

Rather than try to run a personal blog and my coaching  business blog ( and do crummy at both lol)  I figured just do everything from my coaching site   www.optimaltriathlete.com

You also may find when Google searching my name my blog www.chrisaarhus.com which is more about home based business info and such and isn’t updated too often anymore as that was a full time job in itself and my heart is in coaching and endurance sport…not multi-level marketing and network marketing really.

Depending on when you see this, www.TheSelfSponsoredAthlete.com may be up and running. This is a bit of a spin off of the above but with more of a focus simply on helping other athletes learn how to create some space online with the goal of something that produces income.

There are many ways to produce income online, but most are way more involved than you are led to believe.  Not saying they don’t all require some work.  But the ones that are ‘easy’ generally are, because so much money is put into advertising campaigns and such.

Nowadays, most will involve some sort of monthly fees.  What business is free to run anywhere? So whether it is education, information, or a system to streamline it all, there will be a cost.  So, we  utilize  some systems in pursuit of creating time freedom to pursue training and a lifestyle of endurance sport without being held to set a place for work, allow more time for family, recovery from training, and if need be, work remotely from wherever I am  training and pull income from the internet.

If any of that sounds even remotely of interest or you just have some questions feel free to contact me through one of  my Facebook pages

http://www.facebook.com/chrisaarhus   or  www.facebook.com/optimaltriathlete

or commenting on www.instagram.com/cmaarhus

or direct message on twitter  www.twitter.com/chrisaarhus or http://www.twitter.com/optimaltri



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