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A bit about me

If you have stumbled upon my old blog, I have moved to a new location-

Please go here for the more current version of my coaching and blog   thanks!


Currently a competitive triathlete, bicycle racer, runner. This blog is an insight to my trials and tribulations of trying to maintain after 20 years of being competitive. More recently adding  to the juggling of work and life ( aren’t we all? 🙂 with our first girl on this side, Lydia.  Though I am generally quiet on the outside, I have an inner desire to push the body and love head to head competition ( well, not the knockin heads kind) But I like when pushing the body and seeing what it can do. Knowing there are many out there who have pushed themselves way beyond what I have done yet, lets me know I can pretty much get through anything myself.

I started in speed skating( on roller skates!) late in high school to a few years out when I was introduced to bike racing. Spent 10 years doing that before venturing into multisport in ’99. I had swam and ran here and there while cycling and had always wanted to do ‘THE IRONMAN” that I had seen on TV. Dabbled the first few years then moved up to half distances with Kona a long ways off I figured. But in 2004, at a half IM in Buffalo Springs( Lubbock), TX, I get 3rd in a hotly contested 30-34 age group,  with less than a minute separating us all, thus qualifying for the World Championships. From then on I was hooked and have continued bike racing and triathlon since.

I work out of the Spectrum Clubs of San Antonio as a Master Personal trainer as well as coach athletes of all abilities through www.redline-multisport.com all while continuing to attempt to race competitively and try to maintain ‘balance’. With 4 children it gets tight 🙂 But with an understanding wife and flexible job, it works out somehow.
God first, husband, father, coach, trainer, athlete.


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  1. ur da shizz, Ironman!

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