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Tri Soler Racing Mountain Madness #1

January 24, 2010

So finally made it out to the Vanderpool, TX area for some ‘climbing’ It is the best we have this close to San Antonio and my legs quickly remembered it. Joshua Charles organized it snagging Amanda MacIntosh and Brandi to ‘perk’ for us ( they don’t like to be called sagging). It was a good […]

RedMan Training Update Fri 9-18-09

September 18, 2009

Well, its Friday the day before this years Redman. Attempting an entry from my phone. My luck n I’ll type 3/4 of it and either someone will call or txt and log me out or battery will die or something. Then I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon bummed because I can’t write the same […]

RTU ( Redman Training Update) 8-29/30-09 The LLB

September 1, 2009

I sit here at work playing a bit with the New Leaf Metabolic machine we have at work and I figure…hmm might as well put it on and see my caloric burn rates while sitting here typing.  I know, geek, but I like seeing this stuff.  Usually we test people on a 12 hour fast, […]

Not quite there yet Redman training update

August 25, 2009

Actually, things are coming along pretty good I think.  Each time I doubt it, I pull off a good workout.  It seems to generally fall into place these last 4-5 weeks.  The weekend after winning Masters at the Darndst Du State Championship,  I did the Tues night ride with some hard sustained efforts. It is […]

Redman Training Update Wed 29th

July 29, 2009

So I bag the Tues night group ride yesterday,  figuring I will try to get ot bed earlier.  I finally got in the pool for 3000m and it wasnt so bad when I actually follow something I give my clients. But I try for my hill repeats and the body just says no. I stretch […]

Hell’s Hills/ Rocky Hill Ranch 50 miler

July 12, 2009

Well, first 50 mi run now under my belt!  It has taken me awhile to get in here and write about it. I have too many irons in the fire and just can’t seem to get in here to update the blog.  One of the personal challenges is to do so. I have been working […]

Redman Ironman ’09 Training Begins!

July 3, 2009

Well, training is usually happening in some capacity, but I realized earlier this week that it was 12 weeks ( now 11) out from me going back to defend my first Ironman distance win. Granted, it isnt at the biggest of venues, though a very good one.  The depth of field is not quite the […]

Race Report- Buffman and Squeeky

May 18, 2009

Well, we ( generally a client or two and myself) ventured up for the annual visit to Lubbock, TX for some training on the Buffalo Springs 70.3 course that is held in June. We drive through a awesome storm about 30miles outside of town but it was fine once we got there. We generally get […]

180 well 160 well 138

January 11, 2009

Ok, so I had this grandiose idea to ride up to San Marcos for a yearly weekend group ride some ex teammates, now on their own team Geri Atrix ( Elite Masters team) do every Jan.  I havent been before and heard it pulls a good group of racers from outside of just San Marcos. […]


January 9, 2009

Well, looky here, it’s the new year and I’m not sticking to my ‘don’t stay up late’ resolution. I actually never really make any resolutions for the new year. Not sure why but I guess because I figure I should be able to change whatever it is any time of the year.  Hmmm that clock […]