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Year End Challenges

Two years ago (06) I had a great finish to my year with doing Hawaii IM and taking 45′ off 04’s time, 1 week later racing a Half IM in Houston getting 2nd overall, doing the Tour d Gruene the following weekend, then 70.3 World’s for 15th AG finish, 4 races in 4 weeks. I decided to carry on and attempt something I had wanted to do and that was to run the route we ride for the Tues nighter training ride some time before the end of the year. So on Dec 30th, from my house it was approx 34 miles. So i recruited Corey because I knew he’d do it with me and our paces are similar. We did every other weekend jumping up a bit going 21, 28 then the 34. But my hips bothered me after the last 28 mile run we did and when I told him I didn’t want to get wrecked doing this we decided to do the Galloway walk/run method and ran 8 walked 1 for the entire run. What was really interesting other than the fact I wasnt nearly as wrecked after it as I had been in the previous runs, but that we avg about the same pace as the 28mi straight run, yet lower HR.

28 miler avg 8:38 and 149bpm

34miler avg 8:34 and avg 128 bmp

I was amazed at the difference. So the next year I didnt really have one set, but I figured my wife and I were taking Dane to the pumpkin patch in Medina, why not run there? Get picked up and hang out at the pumpkin patch. This ended up being a solo run and about 34 miles as well. I started as walk run and ended up running the last 10 and was beginning to crack right when the family pulled up. I was sorta bummed because I didn’t make it over that last hill before the stores in Bandera, but 1) I couldnt make them wait, and 2) I was ready to be done.

So what’s in store for 2008. I have an idea…but not quite ready to post or commit, but it has to do with the city of San Antonio…info soon 🙂


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